How to Turn Your Hobby Into a Career

Sometimes it’s disheartening when you’re looking for a job and everything seems completely against what you like or out of reach. You like art but all the new jobs are math-related, you like music but everything worth getting is low-paying. How about you turn the tides in your favor and capitalize on what you like to do, your hobbies? Becoming an entrepreneur in this way might just be the answer you’ve been looking for. Here are some ways to turn hobbies into viable and sustainable careers.

Sell Your Art

What’s better than being your own boss? Being your own boss doing what you like to do. If you like to draw designs, why not open your own virtual shop? Sites like Zazzle and Etsy let you design your creations and earn passive income while you sleep.

Break Into Affiliate Marketing

Blogging not your thing? Well, there are many things you can still do to reap the benefits of affiliate marketing. Create your own website, be it a music site, a site about film, and contact sponsors about placing ads on your site. Go to sites like Clickbank for new advertisements. For every click, you’ll earn some change, which will quickly add up.

Amazon Like a Boss

You can curate and sell products on the site and make a lot of money. Also, you will be somewhat involved in the manufacturing of the product/contacting manufacturers and you can even create your own product if you find a niche. This girl does it and makes 50k/month at 23: 

Love Baking

Invest in baking goods that are trending, such as biscotti. Contact your local coffee shops and see if they will buy your awesome pre-packaged goods. Some mind work goes into this, such as getting a license and making things legal/checking out your area laws to see if you can sell wholesale out of your own home kitchen. But when you love all things sugary and making these indulgences come to life, it is so worth it.

Got any more ideas for good and rewarding business pursuits? Add your thoughts below!