How to Treat Yourself on a Budget

With work happening on a consistent basis life can fall into an unsettling routine, especially when you’re paying bills every month. It’s important to make yourself a priority, but if you don’t do it the right way you can find yourself in a budget crisis. Here are some easy ways to treat yourself without spending a lot of money.

Specials & Happy Hour

Going to happy hour is like getting special treatment. You get to have some of the regular priced items for half off and sometimes even less. Keep within your budget by spending $30 on one dish you’re spending only $15, and don’t forget about the $5 wine specials. Grab one of your friends and attend a restaurant you’ve been dying to try, but this time during happy hour.

Surrounding Yourself By Nature

If you live in the city you know how noisy it can get and how it’s near to impossible to obtain some peace and quiet. Going to the mountains or the hills to think, write, hike, or read allows you to decompress. You can finally have that moment of silence you’ve been looking for. The best part about doing activities in nature is that it’s completely free.

Free Events

Free events happen every day from outdoor movie screenings to intimate concerts and parties. With a little bit of research online you can find out about events you never thought were happening, and at a absolutely no cost. Going to see one of your favorite artists do a live performance without having to pay a concert fee will make your night. It’s even better if accompanied by your friends or a special date.

Create A Savings For Something Big

We all have that new high tech device in mind that we won’t purchase because it doesn’t fit within our budget. Create a fund for the item that you want and put away a couple of bucks each paycheck. Eventually you’ll have enough money to splurge on the product you’ve been dreaming of for weeks.

Make The Most Of  What You Have

When we become distracted by daily occurrences we can tend to forget what we have. This is the time to invite some people over for a potluck movie night. Take advantage of the things available to you, even if it’s small.

Make yourself a part of the budget. Let us know what you like to do treat yourself below!