How to Replace Technology In Your Child’s Life

Technology has certainly replaced toys and playgrounds. Children today are no longer interested in playing outdoors. Video games, Ipads, TV, and mobile phones are hugely responsible for taking away the innocent childhood of children. The most frustrated in this whole process are the parents who always remain baffled as to why children are at home all the time.

Parents are always in search of a replacement for technology, but the hype and craze of modern day toys (phones and tablets) are so much that the toy industry is confused today as to what they should manufacture next. Well, parents should try to use phones less and involve themselves in things that their children would love to do. After all, children imitate what they see.

Play With Your Kids

Board games, puzzles and creative games can be used where children and parents could bond together.

Take Your Children Outdoors Often

For bike rides, swimming or playing any sport. These outdoor activities are considered as best physical exercises and still the best game a child could play.

Adventure Mania

During holidays, instead of staying at home and watching a movie, engage in some adventurous activity like trekking, hiking or boating.

Family Time

To rejuvenate and spend a good time with your family, take your kids out to the beach or on a picnic. Kids love making sand castles on the beach and playing water games. Picnics are the best time to have a family reunion, cousins bonding and exploring things.

Wise Shopping

Instead of buying your child new video games every time, buy creative toys that could engage children in learning something new and innovative.

Books Are the Best Companions

It is indeed true that making kids read a book is the hardest thing a parent would have to do, but you need to begin and develop this habit early. Buy exciting and colorful storybooks full of pictures or even musical rhymes. Children love listening to stories, and it is also an excellent way to help them fall asleep.

Involve Kids In the Day to Day Household Chores

For example; when a child creates a mess, ask him or her to clean it up, or arrange his toys or make his room tidy. This is an excellent way to train kids on how to keep things in proper order and the importance of cleanliness. Also, it would keep them off of technology for a while.

Moms Who Have Girls Be Happy

You can involve your girl in some girly stuff, like making a beaded bracelet, knitting a sweater, or baking cupcakes. Children will need the guidance of their parents when they are doing some of these activities. Be sure you are there to guide your little girls and be patient with their little messes.

Boys & Their Games

There are many activities that boys could also do. All daddies’, please take your boys out and play a game of baseball or basketball once in a while. You can also enroll them in martial arts, it is the best way to keep a child engaging, and girls too can enroll in them.

If you do not want to go anywhere far, parents do not worry. Take your child to a park near your home where he or she can play with other children and enjoy in the midst of nature.

Phones and TV’s are a major distraction which is said to have hampered the studies and also the outdoor activities of children today. As parents, try and keep our children away from these things, if not totally, at least make the use of it minimal in our children’s life for their healthy development and progress in studies as well as co-curricular activities.