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How to Relieve Stress

It seems that everyone is super busy these days. We try to cram 50 things into 24 hours and it leaves us ripping and running to get things done. This fast-paced society while productive, unfortunately invites stress. Chances are you are dealing with stress right now. So, take a deep breath and read these 4 tips for relieving stress.


What’s stressing you out so much? Write those things down. You’ll be surprised by what you can easily divulge in writing even if you can’t seem to verbalize it. Sit down in a quiet place or with soft music, pull out your journal and write. Write until you feel that you’ve said all there is to say about what’s going on in your life.

Once you’ve gotten it all out on paper, begin praying over those things. Find scriptures that directly relate to your situation. When you’re done praying, set the journal aside symbolizing your choice to leave it to God. Trust that you don’t have to figure it all out and fix the problem on your own. After all, it’s the feeling that we must handle our problems on our own that often stresses us out the most.


If you’re stressed out by the amount of things you need to get done, plan it all out. Make a schedule that allows you to get everything done. Be specific and be practical. Don’t plan to work for 5 hours straight with no breaks, if you know that isn’t something you can do. Planning out your week can visually show you that you really can do all you need to do.


Exercising releases endorphins that will make you happy and counteract your stress. Also, it will simply distract you from whatever is stressing you out. Try to do exercises that you actually enjoy. Being able to check this activity off your to do list will make you feel more in control and productive. When you feel productive, the day will be less intimidating and stressful.

Netflix and Chill

Yes, I said it. Pick your favorite movie or TV show along with your favorite snack and enjoy. Spending all day thinking about your stressors is not healthy, so take some time to focus on something else. Occupy your mind with a mystery or laugh it out with your favorite comedy. Sometimes you just need to take a break and look at a screen. Try to not binge for too long, though.

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