How to Lose Weight & Keep It Off For Good

Nowadays there is such a hype for losing weight, eating healthy, and being fit. We will do anything to pursue perfection and fitness in our lives. But how do you lose weight and keep it off for good?

Change Your Perspective

My first advice on this is that you need to change your perspective. You can’t just do something like losing weight as a short-term goal. If you only want to lose five pounds for an event and that’s it, that is a horrible way to look at it.  Having what they call a yo-yo diet is not beneficial for you in the long run. You need to understand that if you want to lose the weight and maintain it, you need to make it a lifestyle. When you start with an extreme diet and cut everything, and you say to yourself “this only for a few months, after the weight is gone, I will be able to eat what I want” that way of thinking will lead to failure.

You need to think of the bigger picture. I am not saying to stop eating everything. But you can’t eat the same portions and junk food every day. First, it’s not good and second; you won’t be able to exercise or move how you want to.  What you eat is fuel and has an impact on your body. Change your view of dieting and understand that is for the rest of your life. That eating healthy is not just for few months it’s a lifestyle.

Trust The Process

One thing I am very certain of is that you can’t decide to change your life and expect amazing quick results. You didn’t gain weight overnight; it took a while for you to take notice and then realize that you needed to make a change.  Granted gaining weight sometimes is easier than losing it but it takes time. You need to be persistent. That’s why is so important to have a different perspective when going into this new lifestyle. In the beginning, you will be excited, you will workout, and diet steady for the first few months, but you may not see results instantly. After that, you may hit a wall, and nothing comes off, you’ll get frustrated, and might just give up. But, don’t give up! Persistence is key when you know it not temporary you make it part of your life and you start enjoying it.

You don’t care if you lost a pound this week you feel good, and you know you are eating healthy. Sometimes our bodies start building muscle and other times you’re not necessarily losing weight you are losing inches. Learn to embrace the changes happening in your life. Don’t only focus on the scale. Concentrate on the way you feel and the energy you didn’t have before that you do have now.  Test your body and push it as far as you can go. Have other people around you that share the same way of life. Understand that this is the new you, not just for a few months but for a lifetime.

No Shortcuts

It’s been five years since I lost one hundred and ten pounds. Yes, I lost a person! A lot of people continually ask, “what is the secret?’ I still fail to understand how people always want to do things the easy way. Did you use any products? Did you only eat certain things? I tell them all the same thing; I didn’t use any products, and I just watch what I ate and worked out. Simple answer. It requires commitment and hard work. Losing weight is not an easy journey. It’s rewarding at the end but never easy. Don’t look for shortcuts and ways to lose it faster. If you lose weight in an unhealthy way, you will gain it double faster.

It took me a year to lose that weight, and I never gave up. I completely change the way I lived and ate. I only drink water and abstain myself from certain foods.  Don’t lose hope and continue ahead. If you were looking for a particular diet or workout routine, I am pretty sure they are plenty of those. But the most important part is your mind, if you don’t desire a change, you won’t be able to accomplish the goal.\

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