How to Host a Special Dinner Last Minute

Making dinner arrangements is the perfect way to welcome someone coming from out of town. But if you’ve never hosted a dinner before then planning everything last minute can get messy if not executed properly. Here’s how to host a special dinner last minute without all the stress.

Make A Reservation In Advance

As soon as you get the memo that your friend is visiting for a couple of days, make a dinner reservation. It may not seem necessary but it is actually is. You don’t want to find yourself waiting for a half hour to be seated. Thankfully, in this day in age, you don’t have to call the restaurant anymore to make a reservation. You can do it online and it will provide the ability to choose the date, time, and seating preference. Don’t forget to check the restaurant’s dates to see if any events are happening on the day you plan to go. Sometimes the restaurant may not be available to the public for that occasion. Making a reservation in advance is always the safest way to go!

Notify Your Party In Advance

Telling your friends that you’re having a dinner a couple of hours before will not work out in your favor. Be considerate and give people at least a 24-hour notice so they can be ready to meet up and have a good time. This way people have time to plan their outfits and ask their dates to tag along.

Look At The Menu Prior To Arrival

It’s a good idea to take a look at the menu if you’ve never been to the restaurant before. Look it up online to see your options and get a feel for what you might order. If you’re going to a restaurant that doesn’t provide English translations with certain items, research them while you’re online. Looking at the menu prior to arrival is also a good way to gauge how much money you’re going to spend.


Now that you’re all at the restaurant, suggest eating family style. This is where each person orders a dish or two from the menu and everyone shares. This way everybody gets to taste a variety of different dishes as opposed to just one. Depending on the restaurant this can make the dining experience more fulfilling as a guest.

Have Dessert At A Different Location

Dinner can become pricey if you’re looking to have dessert at the restaurant. Think about going to a different location after you finish eating like an ice cream parlor or gelato bar. Now everyone can continue their conversations while satisfying their sweet tooth, and at a lower price.

It’s great to have a nice dinner with friends, but sometimes we don’t think to plan everything ahead. When you do it the right way, hosting a dinner last minute can make the perfect welcome or farewell.

Let us know what your favorite tip is to planning a special dinner last minute below!