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How To Get Through Writer’s Block

When we’re writing on a consistent basis it can get to a point where we find ourselves staring at a blank page. In this moment we can honestly say “I can’t think of anything to write about”. We desperately try to calm ourselves down and brainstorm, but still nothing. Sadly, the harder we try the worse it becomes and this is where the panic begins to set in. This is known as the infamous writer’s block, a moment of feeling stuck. It can feel impossible to overcome, but I’m telling you that it’s not. With these tips you’ll be able to get through writer’s block and complete that assignment you’ve meaning to finish.

Stop Writing

It’s sad to think that when writing something that needs to be completed we believe that forcing it is the best option; well, it’s not. There’s no point in wasting two hours writing material that you’re not going to use. Shut down your computer, put away your journal, and stop writing. This will help you clear your mind and allow fresh thoughts and ideas to come to you naturally. But don’t stop there. You can find yourself trying to write again and still nothing. This is where you execute the next step.

Change Your Atmosphere

Going somewhere other than your desk can help you become more grounded. Your mind is overwhelmed and you need time away from writing altogether. Even if it’s a small outing, it’ll be well worth it as you need to get out of your own head. Calling up one of your best friends to get coffee is a great place to start. By talking to another person you can voice your frustrations and release some stress. Your friends can even help come up with some ideas which can lead you in the right direction.

Get Inspired

While you’re taking a breather try connecting small things you come across during the day to your work. Maybe the experience you had at the top of the mountain you hiked will motivate you to write about nature. Inspiration is everywhere. It is more that likely that an idea will come to you while you’re just spending time enjoying yourself. This is where you can start brainstorming again.

Organize Your Thoughts

Now that you’re inspired and you have an idea of what you want to write, start organizing your ideas. Document anything you can come up with that has the potential to jumpstart a paragraph. When you look at all of your ideas, it will be easy to pick one and you’ll even be excited to get to work.

Start Writing Again

Since you already have a couple of ideas jotted down, pick a topic and roll with it. The words will start flowing once you start writing. You can decide to create an outline or just keep writing until you finish. Either way, the main goal is to get something solid down and overall finish.

Writer’s block is not a fun experience, especially when you’re under a certain time frame. Sometimes we need to take a step back from working so hard and relax before diving into another piece of work. It’s the only way to clear our mind and start fresh again.

Let us know what steps you take to get though writer’s block below!

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