How to Decorate Your Workspace

Decorating your workspace can be a fun and creative activity that expresses who you are as an individual. There is so much to decide in the selection process that allows you to be innovative and empowered towards how you want your desk to look. Although, it may feel almost impossible to figure out what aspects you want to bring to your desk there are so many different sorts of patterns, colors, Pinterest boards, and designs out there. Here are some tips and advice on how to create a workspace that will exclusively express you.

Have a color scheme in mind

If you’re a beginner when it comes to decorating, the key to remain mindful of is to keep it simple. A way to keep it simple is to use two or maybe three different colors for your workspace. I’m the kind of girl who loves anything that is pastel, but if I decorated my workspace with a variety of different pastel shades, I would end up with a clashing desk. If you can’t decide, then the trick is to go with a color that will match with absolutely anything: such as white.


The beautiful part about having white as the foundation of your color scheme is that you could pair it with absolutely any other color. As I mentioned before, keep it simple. It can be so easy to incorporate all of our favorite colors on to a desk, that you lose the balance of making every single item on your workspace special.

deskside lamp

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During my first year of college, it came to my surprise that I needed to organize myself a whole lot more efficiently in order to work through my best efforts. Whenever I would wake up in the morning, I would apply my makeup and leave it on my desk as I made my way out of the door.

Sure, maybe that doesn’t sound as bad, but when you have a week’s worth of products, accessories, and papers thrown on your desk it creates this mountain of exhausting and unnecessary clean up.

A way to solve this issue, while still remaining glamorous, is to incorporate file and makeup organizers to your desk that would help guide you through a clean, professional, and efficient work ethic.


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That way the next time you’re in a rush to leave your room, you can slide that lipstick back in it’s original drawer, or slip those notes in the file that they belong to while still keeping your desk space clear and clean.


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Be Mindful of Your Walls

Lastly, we can be so excited to decorate our desk surfaces that we forget about the walls that are around our workspace.

wall decal

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A simple way to spice up your walls is to incorporate art that is reflective to your personality. This could range from your favorite popular quotes, to vintage magazine covers. A helpful way to find exactly what your looking for with wall decal is to search some of your favorite things online.