How to Become a Better Cook

I was a late bloomer as it came to cooking. I learned how to cook eggs when I was in my early teens, but that was all I knew until about my sophomore year in college. I’ll be completely honest, when I started to learn it was with marriage in mind. I didn’t want to be an incompetent wife, but seriously, cooking is a life skill not a wife skill. Everyone should learn to cook! Cooking is a skill and like any other skill you can improve it. How do you become a better cook? See some tips below.

Try New Things

Find recipes for things you’ve never made before. I told you that for a while all I knew how to cook was eggs. So I started looking up recipes for different types of pasta and chicken dishes. By trying new things you’ll get comfortable in the kitchen and you’ll learn new skills to incorporate into other dishes. You’ll learn the patterns and habits that make great cooks.

Maximize Your Strengths

By trying new things, you’ll find out what you are naturally good at. Maybe no one can make a stew like you or maybe your slow cooker meals are to die for. Once you’ve found out what you’re really good at maximize it. If you make a great chicken breast try incorporating that chicken breast into other stews, salads, and pastas.

Find Ways To Get Around Your Weaknesses

Just as you’ll discover what you’re naturally good at, you’ll discover what you’re not so good at. Luckily, there are ways to get around your weaknesses. For example, I hate frying things; hot oil and I don’t get along. However, you can get crispy chicken by baking it.

Have Fun

The best way to become a better cook is by enjoying it! If you don’t have fun in the kitchen you’ll never get better. So turn on some music and buy cooking tools you like. Cook dishes you love to eat. Then you’ll find that you’ll want to cook every day and practice makes perfect!

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