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Home Remedies To Beat That Pesky Cold You’ve Had

Just like the Stark family from HBO’s Game of Thrones, you can always tell when winter is coming. Your nose freezes when you step outside, and a shiver runs up your spine. The worst, though, is the never ending cold that lasts all winter. No matter how much Dayquil and Nyquil you take, you just can’t seem to shake your pesky winter cold. If you’re like me and you constantly have the sniffles, a runny nose, or a tickle in your throat all winter, then you know the feeling. It happens that you become immune to over-the-counter medications if you’ve taken them for so many months in a row. Your body requires something it hasn’t built up an immunity to; that’s where home remedies come in. Here are some tried and true home remedies for that pesky winter cold.

Early Morning Tea

Nothing wakes me up in the morning like a steaming cup of coffee. When I’ve got a cold, though, coffee can sometimes irritate my throat. Instead, try a cup of green tea in the morning; this will do many things for you. Green tea still has caffeine in it, so you’ll get your morning pick me up. Peppermint tea is also a great option if you’ve got a cold since it will help to open up your sinuses. Teas can also contribute to keeping you hydrated since staying hydrated when you’re sick is important. Try adding lemon and natural honey to help sooth a sore throat. Both of these ingredients will contribute to boosting your immune system. You can also find teas that are high in vitamins and nutrients such as vitamin C and B-6; this will help you build your immune system as well as beat that pesky cold you’ve had.


This winter, invest in a humidifier. Keep it in your bedroom while you sleep at night. Humidifiers have been proven to help with dry winter skin, breathing problems, and diminish the symptoms of a cold. You can purchase a humidifier from Target for about $24. You can also steam your bathroom to breathe in the steamy air while you shower. Be careful not to let the hot water burn you, though!

Salt Water Rinse

This technique requires a bit of baking soda, iodine-free salt, and boiling water. Just like a nasal spray, you’ll plug one nostril while squirting the salt water into your other nostril and letting it drain afterward. While I am not a huge fan of the nasal spray home remedies, I do have to say that it does work. Every winter, it seems that my congestion and stuffy nose is what lingers. This method helps to break up that congestion and rid your body of the dreaded winter cold.


I always do my best to head off the start of a cold with some supplements. I take Echinacea, which helps to boost your immune system and some vitamin C supplement. Airbourne is an excellent choice, or just plain old vitamin C pills work great too! Whichever you choose, take them first thing in the morning with your choice of tea to help give you that early morning kick you probably need. Airbourne and Vitamin C pills both have natural energy in them so taking it in the morning will help you stay alert and give you that much needed immune boost.


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