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Your Holiday Netflix Guide

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Netflix is like your best friend. Except it doesn’t fight with you and it doesn’t get mad when you can’t find the right movie; so it’s better than a best friend. Just about everyone I know has replaced cable or DirecTV with sites like Netflix. I’ve spent many nights binge watching Grey’s Anatomy, Orange Is The New Black, and most recently, Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life. Netflix changes their movie selection every day and I always look to see what the upcoming month has in store for my binging pleasure. This month, I’m excited to see the holiday movie selection. Netflix has a number of festive movies ready to watch, which makes getting into the holiday spirit easy this year. Whether you have a Netflix-and-Chill with a friend, family, or S/O or a Netflix-and-Chill-by-Yourself, here is your guide to the holiday movies Netflix is offering.


Children & Family

I love spending time with my little brother and all of my cousins. But sitting down to watch a movie with them gets tougher each year with the content that is in most movies. Netflix, thankfully, offers a wide selection of kid friendly movies that even the youngest can enjoy. At the top of that list is Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas. This was one of my favorite collection of Disney short movies starring Mickey, Donald, and Goofy. In true Disney fashion, each story has a heartwarming lesson. Netflix is also featuring Madagascar and Kung Fu Panda short films and episodes. With everyone’s favorite characters, it’s hard to go wrong!


Classic Holiday Movies

Every Christmas, I used to settle in for a night with my grandparents and watch one of their favorite holiday movies. Netflix makes it easy to spend time with family watching the Christmas movies they all grew up loving. Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, and Rosemary Clooney star in the classic White Christmas from 1954. If you’ve ever wondered where the hit song came from, then you’ll want to sit down and enjoy this title.

The Santa Clause, though more recent than White Christmas, is quickly becoming a holiday classic. This movie is played every year on multiple stations. Skip the commercials this year and watch it on Netflix. That way, the TV channels won’t cut out your favorite part to save time either.

Another of my favorite movies is Miracle On 34th Street. Who can resist the adorable acting of little Mara Wilson! Yes this is the re-make, but it is still a darn good movie. The original isn’t on Netflix, but share this movie with younger family members and it will become their favorite, too.



There is something to be said for Bill Murray. He’s had quite a career and I don’t think there’s a single movie of his I haven’t laughed at, including Scrooged and A Very Murray Christmas. Whether you’re in the mood for a modern day Scrooge or a Christmas special made for Bill Murray by Bill Murray, you’ve come to the right place. Get in the true holiday spirit by sharing some laughs and your living room with Bill Murray this season.


Holiday Love

Of course, this holiday Netflix guide wouldn’t be complete without the traditional holiday love story. Netflix has you covered! With movies like Love Actually, 12 Dates of Christmas, and The Spirit of Christmas, there’s no shortage of love movies this season. You can curl up with your best friend or significant other and feel the holiday love with any of these feel good movies. Just remember to bring the tissue, it can get pretty sappy and emotional!



If you don’t have a fireplace in your home, don’t fear. Netflix now has a movie called Fireplace for Your Home Edition that will crackle and spark just like a real fire. This movie features a fire poker that will stoke your virtual fire once in a while so it comes with everything you would need for a real fire. Put it on for parties or to open gifts on Christmas morning to bring a holiday ambiance to your home. It only last an hour so don’t forget to start it from the beginning once the movie runs out.

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For the best holiday movies on Netflix this season, Netflix Life has a full list!

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