Holiday Makeup

The snow is falling, the bells are calling, and it is the wonderful season of giving. It’s so wonderful to look up at the sky and see the heavy clouds become an invitation for holiday cheer. Part of enjoying the holiday season is to embrace the festivities with fun sweaters, hot chocolate, refreshing candles…. most of all, with makeup.

Here are some fantastic ways for finding the perfect holiday makeup.

Classic red lipstick

Photo: Google

Photo: Google

Having a classic red lip has become quite the statement during holiday seasons. This bold addition to your look is effortless, inexpensive, and easy to carry around.

Bold Winged Liner

Photo: Shutterstock/Hello Giggles

Photo: Shutterstock/Hello Giggles

If the red lips seem too much of a commitment, then I would suggest incorporating the perfect, jet-black, eyeliner to your look. Winged liner says a lot about a person, and figuring out which product is right for you is essential to expressing your individual personality and style.

Tip: Make sure that your product is dark and very opaque. The whole point of this addition to your look is to make it become a statement, so don’t be afraid to go all out.

Matte Finish

Photo: Vivian Makeup Artist

Photo: Vivian Makeup Artist

This is the most important aspect for your perfect holiday makeup look. The reason for a matte finish is to reduce your face from any unnecessary shine. Just think, usually holiday festivities are held inside and away from the snowy cold. The indoor lighting, and flash photography (if there may be pictures) could wash out your entire look. Use a nice matte finish to ensure that your look is locked on your face.

Having the best holiday look is fun. You feel gorgeous, beautiful, and ready for the festivities. However, what else is a better way to add on to this look than to be surrounded by those who we love? So Merry Christmas, and have a happy holiday season!


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