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Holiday Gifts for the Photography Lover

While trying to get ahead for my holiday shopping, I came across several distinct and amusing items for my best friend who loves photography. Cameras are always the ideal gift, but those tend to be on the expensive side. In addition, cameras and lenses are an obvious choice. If you want something of the photography nature, but don’t know where to begin, look no further. Here are some unprecedented gift ideas for your favorite photography lover:

Pour & Shoot Mug by Modcloth

Source: Modcloth

Source: Modcloth

Mugs are a thoughtful and gender neutral gift. Because almost everyone uses mugs regularly, you know that your friend will make use of this adorable camera-shaped one! Equipped with a rubber cap for enjoyment on the go, this is perfect for in-between shoots.

Vintage Camera Pillows by Uncommon Goods

Source: uncommongoods

Source: uncommongoods

These adorable pillows add both comfort and panache to anywhere that you put them. Get these for your favorite photographer and see how they brighten the room and start up conversations.

Camera Drop Earrings by Betsey Johnson

Source: Macy's

Source: Macy’s

While your loved one captures memories, these earrings will capture everyone’s attention! These beautiful black and gold drop earrings are a lovely accessory and will be sure to impress. Besides, it could be good advertising for them!

Camera-Shaped Flash Drive

Source: Odditymall

Source: Odditymall

Since everyone needs media storage, why not make it a statement? This little flash drive can be used for your friend’s personal photos or even to deliver their photos to clients. The storage amount comes in various sizes from 8GB to 64GB. Therefore, you can get as much or as little storage as is necessary. See your friend light up at this fun little gadget!

While everyone has their taste preferences, the above gifts are all relevant to any photography fanatic on your Christmas list. Check them out and see if they are worth your while to add to your Christmas pile. Best of luck on your holiday hunting and may your days be merry and bright (or whatever the optimal lighting choice may be).

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