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Here’s Why You Should Try POPSUGAR’s Single Ladies Challenge

Being single doesn’t mean you’re cursed or undesirable. This is the time where you should embrace it while waiting for the one who will make you want to leave the single life behind you. PopSugar came up with a great “Single Ladies Challenge” that all single ladies should try this year. Now you don’t have to do these all at once or do them all, but I’m sure completing this list will allow you to enjoy your singledom while it last. Here’s to pampering yourself, loving yourself, finding more about yourself, and just being yourself!
  • Go to dinner with your girlfriends and don’t discuss your love lives once.
  • Shamelessly flirt with somebody who you find attractive.
  • Wear an outfit that makes you feel sexy for a night out.
  • Add sticky notes with positive affirmations on them to your mirror.
  • Sign up for a dating app.
  • Go on a road trip by yourself.
  • Have a girls’ night out at least once a month.
  • Unfriend any exes who you are often tempted to look at on social media.
  • Treat yourself to a nice meal and a day of doing something you love.
  • Give your number to someone you’re attracted to.
To read the full list go to PopSugar

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