Having Fun On A Budget

Have you ever had a brilliant idea of all the fun things you can do? You know the drill. You were looking at lists of ten fun things to do in Miami or Los Angeles or Sydney, Australia. Maybe you even went as far as looking up hotels, then it starts to hit you. The hotel costs $300 per night, the festival costs $100 for the basic package, the museum is $20, and you having even calculated airfare and food. Shockingly, your hope isn’t destroyed yet. After all, you can eat Ramen noodles, carpool to work, and cancel your Netflix subscription for while. Then you realize, even doing all of that will not cover the costs of your imagined trip. Nonetheless, there are still ways to have fun on a budget.

Stay Home

Most travel costs are procured during travel. So stay home. Have a staycation. Plan ahead and take a few days off from work. Then actually go out and have fun. Many of us spend our days off of work laying in bed or numbing our brains with Netflix (or both actually). Instead, spend time enjoying the treasures in your home town. Make yourself a delicious breakfast with the works. Pamper yourself with a facial in the morning. Go visit a free museum and catch a matinee. Pick a meal to treat yourself to your favorite restaurant. Just be sure to have a set budget before hand so you don’t over spend.

Visit the Next City Over

Trying to book a hotel in Los Angeles or New York is sure to be expensive. However, visiting one of their surrounding cities can be a lot cheaper. Also, do some digging to find out about the free things you can do at your travel location. Some free events are time sensitive so find them early and plan your trip around those dates. Familiarize yourself with the public transit in those areas so you don’t spend money on car services. Eat like a local and you’ll definitely be paying less for food. You can have fun and be financially smart at the same time.

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