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Guide to a Girl’s Night Out

It comes at no surprise that girl’s night out is the one time women get to let loose with their girlfriends and have the perfect Saturday night out. The best thing about it, no men included. This is the time to leave your boyfriends and guy friends at home while you and your girls have the time of your lives. Here’s a simple guide to the perfect girl’s night out.

Your Best Girlfriends

Call up your best girlfriends a couple of days in advance so they can successfully free their schedule for the weekend. Don’t just invite the two people you hang out with on a weekly basis. Hit up your sorority sisters, college classmates, and of course your lifetime companions. This is the time to request that day off from work, say no to movie night with your boyfriend, and be completely available for the rare occasion that you and your girls get together.

The Perfect Outfit

A girl’s night out is nothing without an outfit you look stunning in. Invite a couple of friends over to your place to get ready. You can do each other’s hair, makeup, and receive help choosing a flawless outfit. Channel your inner high school girl and put on a nostalgic music playlist while getting dolled up.

Good Location

Location and ambiance is everything. Figure out what kind of place everyone will be comfortable with. Do you want to party indoors or outdoors, at a club or a bar? I suggest looking at some reviews online for the hottest places to have a good time. This is how you find that signature rooftop bar that not only overlooks the city, but plays live music every Saturday night.


Capture those classic moments having fun by taking pictures. We often forget to document the good times that we have with our friends because we’re too busy socializing. Take a minute to get together for a group photo before you sweat out your beautiful hair and makeup on the dance floor. Take some individual selfies on Snapchat and add exclusive location tags to make your pictures even more special. If there’s a photo booth take some shots in there as well. Later those pics will be the ultimate addition to a memory-filled photo album.


After dancing the night away, it’s good to get some food in your system before heading home. Instead of going to Denny’s, check out some local restaurants that close later than 12pm. As an alternative, think about ordering the food to-go and have everyone eat at your place. This way everyone gets home safe and you can keep the party going by putting on a classic chick flick.

The next time all your girls are in town, make sure to have a girl’s night out! With this guide, it will be an unforgettable moment of fun.

Tell us how you like to enjoy your girl’s night out below!

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