Greatest Girl Groups

Generally, I do not consider myself a very angry person. I think that anger is often a useless, default reaction to issues that can be solved in ways that are more constructive. With all that being said, the second I hear Justin Bieber’s boy voice pouring out from the radio, I become possessed with what can only be described as an intense rage burning with the power of a thousand white hot suns. When you are bombarded daily with mediocre men on the radio and the charts, it can get old fast. To be a famous male singer, you need to be able to carry a tune and be a little more than above average in terms of appearance. To be a successful female vocalist, you need to have a perfect body, be able to hit notes flawlessly all time, have killer dance moves, take amazing selfies, and not date too much. Does this seem a little uneven? It is because it is. When the sexism of the music industry (and every other one, I suppose) and the male reign on Top 40 terror has got you down, give these underrated ladies a listen!

Little Mix

I am honestly like some denominations for Little Mix–I will talk about them to anyone, anytime, anywhere. A British girl group formed off The X Factor in 2011 (don’t ever trust anyone who says One Direction is the best thing that came out of that show–they have no idea what they’re talking about), Little Mix is composed of four delightful girls–Perrie, Jesy, Leigh-Anne, and Jade–blessed with vocals from the gods. Their three albums range from pop to rock to R and B, and the group is the first since The Pussycat Dolls to reach the U.S. top 5 with their debut. From feminist power anthems like “Salute”, “I Won’t”, and “Wings” to funkier tunes like “Weird People” and “Love Me Like You”, Little Mix is a fun, versatile quartet that will not be fading anytime soon.

Ariana Grande

Okay, so, she is only one person, but she is such a powerhouse that she does the work of a group. Boasting a four-octave vocal range (notice it, Justin!) and a history on Broadway, there is not a lot Ariana cannot do. From absolute bangers like “Break Free” and “Be Alright” to her slower, sultrier tunes such as “Dangerous Woman” and “Honeymoon Avenue”, Ariana has proved that she is a vibrant, versatile artist. It is guilt-free listening, too–Ariana is an outspoken feminist, and LGBTQ rights advocate as well as a vegan and mom to six dogs. She is the perfect person and personification of a perpetual pop princess.

Icona Pop

Formed in 2009, Icona Pop brings and electro pop club-like sound that not many other people are bringing right now. The singers of the famous “I Love It” and “Girlfriend”, the two claim that they want to make music that “you can both laugh and cry to at the same time”. They are an alternative, but not so much so that they are off-putting, a rarity in the industry today. Give them a whirl the nest time you are DJing!

Tegan and Sara

These two ladies have been together since birth because they are sisters! You may know them for their dance hit “Closer”, but these two are really just a goldmine of indie-pop gold. Their sleek, synthesized sounds are like silver on the ears, and they have even performed with Taylor Swift (if you’ve heard of her, that is). Musical talent runs in the family with them, and it is hard to sit still when one of their tracks comes on!