When God Says No

When we ask God for something, He usually has one of three answers. Yes, not yet, or no, I have something better in mind. This was a hard lesson for me growing up. Especially when it came to dating. I never really dated in high school. There were a few times I went to a school dance with a guy, but that was the extent of my high school dating times.

After graduating and going to college, I thought I would meet my future husband instantly. In my free time, I would spend my moments hanging out with groups of friends hoping that someone would ask me out and eventually ask me to marry them. Every time I finally dated someone, I would ask God to show me if I should spend my time with them. Most of the time I knew that it would never work out and I knew it was God’s way of showing me His answer was no. As senior year of college grew closer, I became more and more anxious; it is funny to think back on now, but I was anxious because I didn’t have anyone special in my life that I could spend forever with.

What I didn’t understand in all my moments in prayer, was that God’s answer was no, and His answer was always no because He had someone so much better He wanted to bring into my life. Neither I nor my future husband were ready to meet each other. I had more growing to do in a spiritual sense, before God wanted to introduce us.

When it comes to waiting for the “yes” answer from God, we need to be patient. If we rush things or try to take our own path, we will miss out on the wonderful things God has for us.

You can make many plans, but the Lord’s purpose will prevail. Proverbs 19:21 NLT

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