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Gluten-Free Substitutions That Really Work

I was eleven years old when my father was first diagnosed with Celiac, a disease that requires him to follow a gluten-free diet. Since then, we have been on the constant lookout for appealing foods and substitutions. Nowadays, with the growing popularity of gluten-free diets, there are many good products available. Here are some suggestions for other gluten-free eaters out there:

Xanthan Gum 



Gluten holds everything together, and baked goods without gluten tend to be gritty and dense. Xanthan gum acts as a binder and is the perfect substitute for baked goods and/or foods that need thickened. In addition, it doesn’t affect taste. While it’s expensive, Xanthan gum is well worth the price in order to maintain food functionality.

Rice Noodles



You don’t need to skimp on carbs. Rice noodles are a good alternative for the pasta lover in any household. Because they withstand boiling well, rice noodles are very enjoyable. Give this a shot for your upcoming spaghetti dinner.

Black Beans


Brands don’t matter in this case; select any black beans that you want. Use black beans as a replacement for flour in brownie and cake recipes; it really works and it adds an extra punch of protein. Most of all, black bean baked goods are healthy! There is no losing on this one.

Yellow Corn Grits

brm-00919-5Grits are fantastic for porridge fans. Since yellow corn grits are hearty and are elevated by any flavor(s) you add, they are a good choice for hot cereal. Not all grits are gluten free; examine the brand thoroughly first.


Source: gll-getalife


Due to its large amounts of protein, quinoa is a popular superfood right now. It serves as a different choice than rice and it’s filling without causing any guilt. Serve it as a side or add veggies and meat to it to make an entree.




Finally, use tamari instead of soy sauce. Soy sauce is a beloved condiment, but it unfortunately contains gluten. In spite of this, tamari carries similar flavor without the gluten. Put this on your Asian-style cuisine next time.

In conclusion, gluten-free options are thankfully very prevalent. Because the diet is now a fad, recipes and food alternatives are popping up everywhere. While we had to pick from limited quantities in the past, eating gluten-free is easier now than ever. Speaking from experience, these suggestions all have my father’s stamp of approval.

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