Gingerbread Fun For The Whole Family

Creating gingerbread houses is such a unique experience because it’s a fun, creative way to spend time with your family, but it also doubles as a decoration and dessert! The following recipes are unique takes on the traditional style of gingerbread houses. Some of these recipes include instructions on how to make gingerbread from scratch. If you are looking for a way to spend special time with your family try out one of these gingerbread houses!

Christmas Gingerbread House

Image Source: Taste of Home

This is the most traditional and basic recipe of those listed in this article. It takes two hours to prepare (not including the time it takes to chill). Baking takes ten minutes, and the recipe yields 20 servings.

Country Church

Image Source: Taste of Home

This recipe takes five hours to prepare including the time it takes to chill the dough. It will have to bake for fifteen minutes per batch in addition to cooling time. Following this recipe will yield one serving or one church. I like this recipe because it’s a cute little church, and going to church is often part of the Christmas tradition. Keeping this gingerbread house in the center of your home will remind you that Jesus is the reason for the season.

Mini Gingerbread Houses

Image Source: Juliette Laura

These adorable little houses are made to sit on the edge of your mug. No matter what you are drinking this season, whether coffee, tea, hot chocolate, eggnog, or anything else you can add these cute houses to your cup. It can be an impressive treat whenever you have company this season.

Stone Cottage

Image Source: Country Living

For this house, use cinnamon gum as trimming around the windows, door and roof. Then use bran cereal pieces as the roof with with confectioners’ sugar on the roof (to look like snow!). Finally, black, brown, and white jellybeans are cut in half then stuck onto the house with brown icing. The jellybeans gives the house a unique textured look.

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