Getting Through Your First Thanksgiving Without Your Family

It’s your first Thanksgiving alone. You feel rather lost and out of sorts considering you don’t know what to do or where to go now that your family is long-distance. Here’s some easy ideas to help you beat the loneliness and have fun in the process.

Throw A Friendsgiving

Invite all your friends over on a day they can all agree on. Have everyone make a special dish to bring. Go all out decorating the table and house. Make it as festive as possible, and bring the bubbly for afterward! Flip the TV on to keep the guys satisfied with football and play touch football outside at half-time. Together your friends can bring the same happiness and sense of togetherness that your family would, and sometimes more because you don’t have to sit at the same table with any family members that get under your skin. You can invite those you love over and make it a party.

Donate Your Time

You can also visit the truly lonely at nursing homes and hospitals. Make little treats for these people, sit with them for a while, and talk about Thanksgiving and how it brings people together. Your visit may be the only contact they have that day. You could really turn someone’s whole holiday brighter just by being present. This is keeping with the spirit of Friendsgiving too. You’ll make new friends and honor them with your loving-kindness.

Being away from your family on Thanksgiving can seem like a let down, but I promise that if you take some extra steps, even just inviting over one friend, you can make your own celebration for a very Happy Friendsgiving!

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