How to Get in Shape on a Budget

The holidays are over, and it is time to get healthy again. Throw all the sweets away, and welcome the healthy food back into your fridge and pantry. It is time to get in shape!

Although it is a simple concept, I realize getting in shape is not as easy as it sounds. Sure, there is the idea of motivation and dedication, but for those who are on a budget, it can be even more difficult to get in shape. Spin classes, group classes, and gym memberships can become too pricey. However, anyone can get in shape even those on a budget. Below are budget-friendly ideas on how to get in shape.


Running—the most basic, yet efficient workout of all time. Running is simple and cheap. You do not need fancy equipment or an expensive gym membership. All you need is a pair of running shoes and pavement; you have yourself a workout. Along with this, it is easily adjustable for all fitness levels. From light jogs to sprints, you can adjust running to your experience. Slowly, you can work your mileage and pace up and develop into a better runner. Plus, you might just catch that famed runners’ high and find your new passion.


Local high schools have tracks and bleachers available to the public. If you are looking for a free workout, head over to the nearest stadiums and run bleachers. Bleachers are a great cardio and lower body workout that is sure to get you in shape in no time. Have stairs in your apartment or home? You can even use your stairs for the same purpose.

Jump Rope

Are you looking for an intense cardio workout? Try jump roping. You can buy a jump rope for as little as $5! Jump roping is a great workout that is sure to get your heart pumping and have sweat dripping down your face within minutes

Body Weight Workouts

Body weight workouts are cost-effective but can also get your booty into gear. You do not need weights and gym equipment to get the body you want. Make your own workout or follow one online. You can even scroll through Pinterest to find a variety of body weight workouts.

Online Communities

The web is filled with supportive fitness communities. YouTube, Instagram, and the Internet are swarmed with fitness communities. The easiest and most cost-effective way to get in shape is literally at your fingertips. Use the Internet and social media to your advantage. There are numbers of free workouts on YouTube. Plus, there are other support online communities through Instagram and blogs. Not only will you find inexpensive workouts, but you will also join communities of people who will provide support throughout your fitness journey.


From yoga to Pilates to cardio, you are sure to find a workout you enjoy. Here are some of the best workout channels on YouTube.

1) Yoga With Adrienne (yoga)

2) Boho Beautiful (yoga, Pilates, body weight)

3) Tone It Up (total body, body weight)

4) Blogilates (Pilates, body weight)

5) Fitness Blender (total body, body weight)

It is time to get in shape. The holidays are over, and you have a list of inexpensive workout ideas. Now, there is nothing standing in your way but you. Let’s get in shape!