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Free Christmas Date Ideas

Buying Christmas gifts for everyone adds up really fast. If you aren’t careful it could break the bank! But they are a necessary evil, so save some money this season go on a free date with your significant other. There are plenty of free things to do for a date night perfect for the holiday season: take a look!

Watch A Tree Lighting Ceremony

Go online and look up local tree lighting ceremonies in your area. These events are always festive and usually free.

Stroll Through The Neighborhood Christmas Lights

As simple as it is, this festive date really will get you in the Christmas spirit. Be sure to bundle up for that cold weather! Take your significant other by the hand, and walk up and down the streets gazing at Christmas lights.

Christmas Movie Marathon

There are plenty of Christmas movies to choose from! Be sure and get all of your favorite Christmas snacks ready before starting your marathon. The best thing, there are no rules! Watch whichever movie you want, in whatever order, and eat what you want!

Go Caroling

Gather up a group of friends and go door to door spreading cheer! Just like with the Christmas lights, be sure to bundle up!

Read Christmas Stories

The location doesn’t matter, but two good ideas are in a coffee shop or a romantic fire at home. Pick out a few of your favorite Christmas books (A Christmas Carol, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, etc.). Snuggle together under a blanket, sip some wine, and enjoy the simple things in life.


You and your partner can really bond when you volunteer somewhere to help the less fortunate. Giving back to your community can draw you closer to your partner.

Build A Fort

Building a fort might should slightly childish, but it’s the perfect date when it’s cold (maybe even snowing!) outside. Grab pillows  and blankets to build a fort to snuggle in. A more romantic idea would be to build the fort in front of your fireplace. Grab some marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers to make some delightful s’mores!

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