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Four Ways To Stay Organized

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Organization is the cornerstone of an efficient lifestyle. Having the ability to keep track of the hectic responsibilities during day to day life can keep your life on track, and avoid unpleasant surprises like unpaid phone bills or gym membership renewals. Organization is also important for work, especially when in a leadership position. Here are four ways to stay organized:

Make Detailed Lists

Although a bit of a no-brainer suggestion, lists are an excellent tool for organizing. Simple lists are usually enough to get the job done, but never be afraid to get detailed. Order things based on priority, and give yourself details to work with on more complex tasks. Minor details can sometimes fly right out from between the ears at the blistering speed of the work week. Lists are the answer.

Organizing Your Ideal Environment

Knowing where things are when you need them can help improve your efficiency at home and in the workplace. Create the perfect workspace or living conditions that assist your efforts. Label folders, cabinets, bins, and shelves with whatever you need them for unless you work better with a mess. Be it neatly ordered shelves and desks or organized chaos, try to create an environment that works for you.

Utilize Apps & Automated Services

Finances are a major concern for everyone during the daily grind. If you have the option to, establish a plan to make automatic payments on rent and bills via your bank. Automatic payments take some of the burdens off of your shoulders and can assist in planning a budget.

Smartphone apps are another great asset for organization. Many smartphones have built-in calendars, calculators, notes, and email access that you can utilize on the go. Wunderlist, Cozi, and Colornote are three examples of downloadable apps that are useful for business and personal affairs.

Time Management

Time management is one of the most effective ways to improve productivity, performance, and organization skills. Divide your time based on the activity’s level of importance, and the ideal amount of time needed to complete it. Minimize the amount of time wasted on poor habits, and divvy up your twenty-four hours to make the most out of your day. A variety of methods are available for establishing an efficient schedule including the ABC analysis and Eisenhower method. Find a method that works for you.

Remember that rigid organization is not always the way; some people thrive in situations without established order or strict guidelines. Pursue the organizational strategy that works for you, with consideration for others in the workplace, and achieve greater success because of it.


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