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Four Ways To Find a Job Using Technology

The days of walking into a place of business and asking about open positions is over. Most places will ask you to look on their website or contact specific people through phone/email. Regardless of any aversion, it’s time to use technology to help you find a job. Here’s four different ways you can make technology work for your job search.

Networking On Social Media

Playing your position on social media sites and building a web of career connections can open up a ton of options to those looking for work. Having connections that you nurse or followers that you interact with can help keep you abreast of job opportunities. A larger follower base can also provide you with work in your downtime between jobs. Creating important content for your field could help establish you as an authority, and improve your standing in your career field.

You should also connect with businesses. Firstly, this can provide you with information on the moves and changes being made by companies in your profession. Announcements made on social media might include the opening of new locations, which could lead to job opportunities.  Some companies have also advertised through social media on open positions to look for candidates among their followers, so keep an eye on those notifications. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn provide some of the best opportunities for networking.

Job Boards

One of the best ways to find jobs with technology is through online job boards. These aren’t just college jobs; a whole range of professional-level positions in IT, real estate, finance, and even attorney positions are available. These boards have daily updates, and their search engine can help you find a job tailored to your ideal conditions. Even remote positions can be found depending on your career. Indeed, Monster, and CareerBuilder are three great options for finding employment. In addition, college students could try to find work experience.

Have A Working Knowledge of Tech

As businesses advance and introduce more tech into their approach,  employees with tech-related experience are even more valuable. This trend can be to your advantage if you learn related skills. Staying current on tech can improve your job security, provide advancement opportunities, and offer potential pay increases.

Different positions have different needs, so understanding the kind of technology that’s standard in your field would be the first step before learning about it. Regardless, you can’t go wrong with proficiency in Microsoft Office, social media, and a basic understanding of troubleshooting technical issues. Businesses have started to expect these skills instead of prefer them.

Online Resume

An online resume for companies to browse could create another avenue for you to find jobs. Services geared around finding jobs, like job boards or LinkedIn, have this feature built in. You could link from other social media services to a site where you’ve posted your resume as well. A resume posted in multiple places online gives you a better chance at landing interviews. Just be sure to regularly update your online resume.

One service to consider for getting your resume around online is ResumeRabbit. The service isn’t expensive, and it posts your resume on upwards of 80 job boards and saves you a ton of time.

Technology is Key

Technology is only going to be more accessible, and more widespread. Getting involved now will put you ahead of other potential candidates, and make your job search that much easier. Commit to understanding the tools available to help you find a job, and use them to secure your position in your career field.

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