Four Tips for Traveling Alone

Traveling alone can be a freeing a highly enjoyable adventure. By traveling alone, you are able to see, visit, and explore on your terms. Everyone has been on that one trip where they want to do item one and everyone else disagrees. Those moments can take away from the vacation. If you have ever talked to someone who has taken a trip alone, they are going to peer pressure you into leaving all your friends at home. However, before you get on the plane, think about safety. At the end of the day, you are traveling alone.

Traveling alone can be great for your soul, but you have to be safe and prepared.

First, you should plan to make sure hotels and rental cars are scheduled. Yes, it is fun to just explore and see where you end up; however, that can be risky. Sometimes it is best to know where the hotel is and how late they are open. You do not want to be caught in an unknown city after dark without a safe place to sleep.

Second, technologies are great— but remember the chargers. Technology can be a lifesaver, in many ways, when traveling alone. Thankfully you will probably always be somewhere with service so you can google direction, call someone, or even call a cab. If you leave the chargers at home or in the hotel, you could be truly stuck. Always remember, even if you are planning to only be gone an hour, to take the chargers with you.

Third, be prepared. It is important to pack well to ensure that you have the tools you need. The main thing you want to keep on you at all times is water and nuts/breakfast bars. In addition, take into consideration where you are going and dress and prepare for that climate.

Fourth, it is never good to draw extra attention to yourself. Be sure to leave all flashy jewelry or expensive items at home.

Let your adventure begin! The following are rated top places to visit when traveling alone:

  • Copenhagen
  • Hawaii
  • France
  • San Francisco
  • Belize
  • New York


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