Four DIY Holiday Gifts

Looking for a simple and inexpensive way to make your own gifts this year?  These four easy DIY holiday gifts will delight your friends and family and won’t break the bank.  Instead of buying gifts just to give something, make those hard to buy for people on your list a gift this season.  Give them a tasty treat or something that will make them think of you when they use it.  Links to tutorials  on Pinterest are included to save you time, along with suggestions to save you money.

Recipe In A Jar

You don’t have to be a culinary genius to make this easy DIY holiday gift.  All you need are the dry ingredients to your favorite treat, a mason jar large enough to fit them all, and some labels for instructions.  Try getting some festive ribbon to tie around the jar to dress it up a bit, or include a unique tag for your gift.  Look for sales on jars and common food staples that often go on sale during the holidays.  Or, use coupons to save money at your favorite store.  Many retailers will have holiday programs and rebate offers too.  Check out this tutorial for chocolate chip cookies in a jar here.

Homemade Soap

This is an quick and simple DIY holiday gift that requires a small investment, but gives a big reward.  You will need a double boiler, melt and pour soap base, a mold, essential oils, a carrier oil, and maybe a dried botanical.  Most of these items can be found at your local drugstore, or on sites like Bulk Apothecary.  Just follow the recipe, pour your soap in the mold and wait to dry.  Check out this tutorial for one of the best smelling DIY holiday gifts you can give.  Check out the baking aisles  of your local craft and super stores for clearance silicone molds to cut back on costs.

Bread or Cookies

If you’re short on time and money, baking bread or cookies is a great way to do it yourself this holiday season.  Who doesn’t love bread, cookies or other baked goodies.  You can even personalize your treats for those in your life with dietary restrictions by making gluten free or vegan options.  You can even give your gifts in decorated wrapping or tins to give your gift some flair.  Try buying your ingredients in bulk to save money here, and check out this recipe for quick pumpkin bread.

Light Jar

Another mason jar craft, this is a beautiful DIY gift for any woman in your life.  Supplies include a strong glue, a mason jar and glass pebbles to glue on the jar.  This gives your DIY holiday gifts a vintage appeal your friends and family are sure to cherish.  To save money on making this gift, buy electric tealights (for safety) in large quantities and hunt for sales at discount retailers.  You can use this tutorial to make your own mason light jars as gifts.

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