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Four Christmas Presents to Save Your Budget

A while ago I came across an idea that really stuck with me. It detailed the four Christmas presents that you can buy for anyone that will save your budget: something they want, need, wear, and read.

Something They Want

We all know how easy it is to figure out what someone wants, right? They’ll tell you. With this method of shopping it makes the gifts more personalized and well thought out. Instead of a bunch of pointless gifts, you can go through carefully weighing your options to find the most unique and meaningful presents for those you love. Shopping this way also allows the focus to remain on the people you’re buying for rather than the list. This way, when you do pick out their gifts they will be with the utmost care. It also shortens your Christmas list and saves your budget!

Something They Need

This is pretty easy. When you think about your friends, family, and kids what do they really need? Mom might always have a problem with keeping her phone charged for important calls. Buy her a portable phone charger. Buying for needs is a unique experience. I have bought with this in mind, and you’d be surprised how easily you can empty a cart if you only buy what people need.

Something To Wear

This is a no-brainer. Get your friends and family winter clothes like gloves, beanies, and scarves. They will appreciate it more than they say, especially for young children who are notorious for losing their winter gear!

Something To Read

Everyone loves to settle down to a great book. Does your best friend love a certain author? Pre-order the newest novel. Mom loves cooking? Get her a new cookbook that saves time in the kitchen. Find out what kind of reading material your friends and family really love. There are many sales this time of the year. Magazines subscriptions are always a great gift that lasts all year long.

In today’s overly commercialized holiday shopping season it is easy to get sucked into buying a truck load of presents for those you love. Follow this advice and you’ll find that your list is shortened and your wallet is not empty by the time you’re done shopping.

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