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These Foods May Be Negatively Affecting Your Anxiety

Anxiety disorder can be very jarring, but did you know that there are certain foods that make it worse? Some foods block serotonin levels in the brain, which causes stress and depression. If you have anxiety, here are some things you might want to avoid:

Canned & Processed Food

Processed food alters genes in the mood stabilizing parts of the brain. As a result, you’re more anxious. Chemicals that line cans and and packaging for processed food have also been proven to cause anxiety disorder in young children. Therefore, try to buy as much fresh food as possible. Anything with a label could be the enemy.


This one is no surprise. Several studies show that mental health is linked to sleep, and caffeine makes it very difficult to rest. While college students love their coffee and energy drinks, they severely affect one’s moods. It’s best to indulge in caffeine as little as possible.

Wheat Bran

Healthy foods aren’t exempt. Zinc levels are important to maintain for anxious individuals, and wheat bran decreases these levels. Soaking and boiling the wheat bran can help in this situation. Furthermore, soaking and boiling firsthand is a good habit for preparing rice, oatmeal, and other grains.

Apple Juice

Fruits such as apples contain a lot of natural sugar. By the time that fruit becomes a juice, even more sugar is added. Therefore, juices have tons of excess sugar, which causes blood sugar spikes. This makes anxious people even more anxious. Cut down your juice intake as much as possible, especially apple juice.


Alcohol seems relaxing at the time, but it can really trigger anxiety. Since it’s a natural depressant, alcohol causes feelings of depression soon after consumption. Furthermore, it also causes irregular blood sugar and dehydration, which is bad for the body no matter what.

These foods are okay every now and then, but they aren’t good for constant consumption. Like always, eating well and being aware of your body’s needs will keep everything in balance.

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