Foods That Could Be Making You Hungry

There are certain foods that could be secretly making you hungry. Do you ever wonder why you still feel hungry after eating a decent amount? You might think you are making a healthy choice, when in reality you’re doing more harm than good. Certain foods won’t satisfy your hunger no matter how much you consume. Here is a list of foods that you should avoid if you’re trying to slim down or stay fit.


According to Eat This Not That, cheese initiates an opiate-like response due to the protein found in milk (casein). When you eat cheese, your body’s desire to consume more increases. “The more you have, the more you crave—as devised by nature” said dietitian Julieanna Hever. Cheese is addicting because of the high fat and salt content.

White Bread

White bread is known to have no nutritional value. According to, it has been stripped of its outer shell (the bran), which depletes the grain’s feel-full fiber content. When you consume white bread, your insulin levels spike and your want for food increases. It tricks your brain into thinking you are still hungry. A recent study showed that those who ate two or more servings of white bread a day were 40% more likely to become overweight compared to those who didn’t.

Low-Fat Yogurt

Do you think you’re making a healthier choice by choosing low-fat? Think again. Yogurt is healthy if chosen correctly. To stay full, opt for Greek-style yogurt that has twice the protein. Typical low-fat yogurt have triple the amount of sugar than protein. The low protein content will keep you looking for more, even after your last bite.

Egg Whites

An egg white omelet seems like a healthy breakfast option, but don’t be fooled. They may be full of protein, but egg whites are lacking the beneficial fats, vitamins and minerals that the yolk has. The yolk not only keeps you feeling fuller longer, but adds to your brains satisfaction levels. Fats are crucial in hormone production, your immune system, and skin.

Granola Bars

This classic snack is an easy on the go option. Many people don’t realize that granola bars are full of sugar and hydrogenated oils. According to Natural News, these oils are “processed chemicals that have seriously detrimental effects on human health and energy levels”. Though these bars are lower in calories, the lack of protein leaves you hungry.


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