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Food Substitutions: Easy Tips to Eat Healthier Without Giving Up Taste

Eating healthy isn’t always easy or fun. If it were, we wouldn’t be a nation of fast food and reality shows that give money to the contestant that loses the most weight. Words like vegan or vegetarian come to mind when mentioning healthy eating. I enjoy bad foods, and I don’t know if I could ever give up eating meat entirely. However, sometimes just a few tweaks to your favorite recipes can allow you to enjoy a much healthier lifestyle. These substitutes are just a few possibilities that can help spare some calories and inspire some new food favorites.

Don’t Have A Cow Man

Going for it right off the bat. I love red meat, can’t imagine life without it. That being said, most people eat it so much they take it for granted. I’ve found that replacing meat with turkey for tacos, burgers, and chili doesn’t sacrifice taste. In fact, it gives these meals you have probably had a million times exciting again. This substitution won’t completely transform your waistline, but it is an easy adjustment that will kick-start your brain to think about potential alternatives to high fat and calorie foods.

I Can’t Believe It’s… Olive Oil

Butter is a way of life in the Midwest. I have plenty of butter in my house but think about how often you cook with it. It’s not always wise to use butter as a cooking aid when extra virgin olive oil can do the trick just as well. Several articles exist on the debate between butter and olive oil; some even are saying the opposite of what I am. I would recommend that the best thing regarding anything we consume, minus water, in moderation. Sauteing vegetables with EVOO as opposed to butter is a smart choice, and they will taste fantastic.

Going Greek

Greek yogurt is healthy, is a great substitution in recipes for sour cream, and might taste even better. If you are replacing sour cream on tacos, adding lemon juice to the yogurt beforehand will enhance the flavor; this is an easy substitution that will save calories. Also, as a result, you will gain nutrition due to the probiotics in the yogurt will greatly benefit your digestive health.

Side by Side

Side dishes get us in trouble a lot. Mashed potatoes, bacon topped Mac and Cheese, and french fries are often complementing the main dish of our meals. Side dishes can be creative, delicious, and very fattening. Steaming some veggies, eating a bowl of low-fat soup, or enjoying a salad with greens and hard boiled eggs can help you get full without all of the extra calories. Unless it’s a world famous deep fried cheese stick, keep healthy options by your side at lunch and dinner.

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