Housewarming Eats

Buying a house or renting a new place is always an exciting time. Once you are settled, it is always the accustomed event to throw a little party for you and your friends. The size of the party is up to you and the space you have. In most cases, it will be 10-20 people. There is a lot you can do in regards to the food you provide to your guests. You can go more formal, with a sit down dinner. On the other hand, you can go casual with bite-sized food. In most cases, it is recommended to go with a more casual approach. By providing appetizer-based food, your guests can socialize and be less restricted.

Some ideas for food options are mini version of standard meals. This could include mini cheeseburgers, meatballs, fruit salads, and dips. It is important to think about how the food must be eaten and to make it convenient for your guest.


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One guest favorite is grape jelly sausages. It sounds odd, but I have not met anyone who doesn’t love them. The recipe is simple and you need three ingredients. This is ideal for someone who does not want to worry. When they are done, you can easily add a toothpick and put them on a nice platter. They will be convenient and still allow socializing.


  • Package of little smokies
  • Jar of grape jelly
  • Jar of chili sauce


  1. Put everything in a crockpot
  2. Set temperature on low overnight. The longer they cook the better. I would give them at least eight hours.

The full recipe

Another great idea to go along with the sausages is dips. The first thought everyone has is, how is that convenient? Individual portion is the solution. This will take some prep time, but the overall appearance and taste is worth it.

The normal approach is a simple ranch dip with veggies:

  1. Take a 6 oz clear cup
  2. Add your dip (ranch etc) to the bottom
  3. Stick celery and carrot sticks in the cup
  4. Serve to guests

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