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Five Ways To Cut Back On Sugar

A lot of us have bad habits that we would like to get off of our shoulders. For some, it might mean de-cluttering the house, or cleaning out emails, or even stop binge-watching television. For most of us, however, we fall victims to one of the most dangerous and life-changing habits: eating sweets.

While some doctors claim that not all sugars are bad for us, always eating them is dangerous to our health. There are a few ways in which we can move away from turning to sweets when we have the urge. Below are five quick ways to begin to remove sweets from our diets.

Go Cold Turkey

Sometimes the best way to understand we don’t need sweets are to cut them out completely. While getting rid of something wholly is very hard, the payoff for removing sweets is better than caving. Most people claim it takes twenty-one days to break a habit. If we can go less than a month without sugar, we can realize we don’t need it.

Try To Combine Foods

While the point above is ideal, it is not necessarily realistic. Sometimes the crave for sugar is too strong to avoid. When this does happen, it does not have to be a setback. It’s a mere stepping stone to wean ourselves off of needing sugar. More often than not, we reach for sweets when we need a quick pick-me-up. One way to reduce sugar is to combine healthy and sweet options. Add some dark chocolate bits to a handful of almonds. Throw some sunflower seeds together with raisins and M&Ms. Melt down chocolate and dip bananas or strawberries in it. This way we can still get a little bit of sugar while still keeping our options healthy.

Staying Hydrated

Sometimes the sugar we digest doesn’t just come from foods. Soft beverages like soda and iced tea are loaded with added, artificial sugars. We turn to these sugary options when we feel like we have no energy when in reality we are dehydrated. Soda may taste good, but it cannot stand up to the quality of water. Drinking water will keep us hydrated, suppress our appetites, and boost our metabolisms.

Eat Consistently

Like previously mentioned we reach for sweet foods when we’re desperate for a quick fix of energy. This is usually a sign of an inconsistent eating schedule. Being able to eat something every five hours will help keep our blood sugar stable and our energy high. An energy bar high in fiber or a potassium-rich banana will stabilize our cravings.

Go For A Walk

This may seem like an odd option, but walking away for a minute will change our perspective. We get the urge for something fatty and sweet, but after that urge passes, we are glad we did not cave in. We can get over that initial drive and resist the need for unnecessary sugars.

Cutting out sugar is not an easy thing to do. It will take time and dedication. The rewards are immensely powerful. We feel better physically and mentally once we can reduce our intake of sweets.

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