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Five Reasons to Watch Baseball

Jared Erondu

Ah! You can feel it in the air when you step out of your house. Everyone’s got a spring to their step…and, yes, pun intended! Spring is here! Flowers are blooming; birds are chirping, and baseball is back. It is something that hardcore fans have been waiting for since October. For the rest of us the sound of that “thud,” when a baseball hits the mitt is another reminder spring has indeed arrived. After a historic year where the Chicago Cubs captured the World Series title after a 108-year hiatus, the stage is set for another season of “play ball.” Here are five reasons why we should watch baseball.

Baseball’s Long History

Let’s start at the origin. MLB is the oldest of the major American sports. Baseball is full of memorable stories interlaced with the American way of life. Larger than life superstars achieving miraculous feats; Icons traded to fund Broadway shows; pinstripes that intimidate opponents and affairs with Marylyn Monroe. Furthermore, ballparks that are steeped in memory. When you walk into Wrigley Field or Fenway Park, you can almost hear the echoes of players and fans who had once passed through.

Played in the Summer

They are called the “boys of summer” for a reason. Baseball is played all through summer.  Going to a baseball game is more than just witnessing a sporting spectacle. It’s bequeathing tradition. Usually, kids are off from school in the summer, so it turns into family events. As a consequence, father’s showing their kids a passage of life. Mitts are engulfing their hands with a hope that a foul ball may fly their way, better yet a home run. Meanwhile hot dogs and beer galore for the adults, soaking in the sun.

The Gear is Great

They are called “baseball hats” for a reason too. The fashion statement you make with a baseball cap goes way beyond the stadium. But don’t forget they are still baseball hats. Not football or basketball hats. I believe baseball is the only sport where wearing the jersey to a game is comfortable. It’s played outdoors in the summer. Therefore wearing a jersey and a cap makes a lot of sense. You have to wear layers with a football jersey as it is played from late fall into winter. And when was the last time you saw a fan with just a sleeveless basketball jersey during an NBA game?

It Involves Numbers

Numbers and statistics are an intricate part of the game. Sabermetrics, the analytics of the sport, plays a significant role in assembling a team. If you wish to understand sabermetrics a bit more, watch the movie “Moneyball.” It’s based on real events that, to some extent pioneered advanced analytics as a tool for evaluating players in major sports. Nate Silver, who cultivated his advanced sports analytics at Baseball Prospectus, later parlayed that knowledge in the political forum with The New York Times. As a result,  Silver became a frequent consultant in predicting the recent presidential elections. Additionally, for those of you who are fantasy sports fanatics, MLB games are played every day during the season. Baseball will keep your fantasy managerial skills in check, keeping you engaged daily.

Cheaper Ticket Prices

Finally, on average it is cheaper to go to a baseball game than the other main sports games. Based on marketing reports by Fan Cost Index (FCI), the average price for an assortment of items including tickets, food & beverages and a souvenir at a baseball game is less than half the price of that at an NFL game (did I forget to mention there is no fear of concussion in the MLB?). BATTER UP!

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