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Five Netflix Series To Obsess Over

People are increasingly watching movies and shows through subscribing services like Netflix and Hulu Plus.

Who doesn’t love Netflix? If you haven’t splurged on the service, then I highly suggest that you try it. Here are some fantastic series that you should obsess over when the winter nights keep you in! So, grab the popcorn and munchies, a warm blanket, and snuggle up to these five Netflix series to obsess over!

New Girl

Imagine a girl living with three male roommates. One guy is sensitive, the second one is a womanizer, and the third is socially awkward. Zooey Deschanel stars in this comedy that has so many laughs as they all wind their way through the difficulties of relationships. This is the feel-good series for the ladies in the house, and has just enough male interaction to not be a “chic series.”

Luke Cage

Image Source: The Pulse

This Marvel series stars Luke Cage, a superhero with unbelievable strength and bulletproof skin. He is a reformed convict that fights crime. His mannerisms are kind and soulful. This is what makes the main character so attractive. The series is engrossing because it shows him fighting crime in his own neighborhood as he tries to make the streets safer. Once you get into this series you won’t want to stop watching it.

Stranger Things

Image Source: Huffington Post

This series has everything a horror series should: a throwback to the classic era of the 80s, great actors and actresses, and a conspiracy theory with the government and scary creatures. I highly suggest this for those of you who want a good thriller.

Pokemon X & Y

Image Source: Game Spot

For the geeks and children in your family, this is the best Pokemon series so far. Watching this program teaches children to never give up, be kind to others, and how to be friends even with your rivals. Even at my age, I still love Pokemon for its innocent fun.

The Crown

Image Source: What’s on Netflix

For those of you who love the royal family, this series details the life of Queen Elizabeth the II and the drama that went with her rule. This is just as addicting as The White Queen.

These five Netflix series are sure to bring delight, laughter and fun to your days and nights as you binge watch on Netflix! So grab those snacks and your blanket and a friend and settle in for long-lasting entertainment.


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