Finishing What You Started

We’ve all been there. The place where we are too tired or too busy to finish something in life. Maybe you were too tired to finish a homework assignment or too busy to finish a task at work. Whatever the case may be, there tends to be some sort of consequence that follows not finishing something. There are even times where we don’t finish something because we believe someone else will finish it for us.

I have always tried my best to finish everything that I’ve started but then I tend to miss things in the end. A good example would be my new years resolutions. I always sit down a couple days before the new year and write down goals I want to meet. I even make a schedule to try and stay on top of and complete. Yet, every year, I disappoint myself by not accomplishing any of the goals I had set aside.

A couple of Sundays ago, our associate pastor brought up an acronym that stuck in my mind. You see, when people ask me how I am doing, I always answer the same way; “Oh, just busy”.  I think of all the tasks that I have to get done for work, home, ministry and other aspects of my life, and I start to stress out. My mind becomes weighed down with mundane things and I tend to lose my joy in life; until I heard this acronym. Burdened Under Satan’s Yolk. It is very true. There are times that all the tasks in life become so strenuous that I feel burdened under its weight; and then I get to the end of the year and realize what I haven’t finished and I begin the get depressed.

So this New Year, I want to challenge you. Instead of setting yourself up for failures in multiple things, just start with one goal. If you make that goal, and a new one for the next year. Or, if you finish your goal early, add on a goal. That way you succeed your current year’s goal for yourself. Just remember Philippians 4:13.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. NIV