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Finding Your Voice

I have often wondered when the right time is to speak up and share my faith with others. When I was growing up, I constantly heard, in my Sunday school classes, how important evangelism was. As a group, we would go door-to-door asking people, who would answer, if they knew about Jesus. I was given a sheet of paper that told me what to say to them and in what order I should talk about certain biblical topics. It became routine for me and for some reason, felt unnatural. I began to grow to hate evangelism. I felt pressured to tell people about the wonderful Heavenly Father I had found. I dreaded going out to talk to people and eventually became a hermit to the youth group; fearing they would force me to go door-to-door again. I felt like my voice was being crushed.

As I grew up and began working with different types of individuals, I saw how much they hated Christians. I asked them what they thought about Christians and the one word they always used to describe us as was, pushy. I would hear people say things like, “Oh, I avoid Christians at all costs” or “I am so sick and tired of Christians telling me the same story about Jesus over and over.

So I began to reevaluate what sharing God with others looked like and how to find my voice. I finally came up with my own little system. When I first meet someone, I don’t immediately ask if they know about Jesus. I grow a friendship with them, showing God’s love before I tell them anything about God. Then, gradually, I begin to open up about my life. I share the good and the bad and let them see all sides of me. As that happens, they begin to ask me questions. Questions like, “How did you ever make it through that?” or “Why are you so kind in a world that is so dark?” For me, I see these moments as prime sharing time. It opens up an opportunity to share how Jesus has changed my life and how He has never left my side.

Instead, you must worship Christ as Lord of your life. And if someone asks about your hope as a believer, always be ready to explain it. 1 Peter 3:15 NLT

God calls us to use the trials and blessings in our life in order to witness to others. We should always be ready to talk about Jesus but we should also keep in mind, while sharing how we made it through tough situations, who gets the glory. Give God that glory in your life. Maybe He can use your experiences to plant a seed in someone’s heart.  

Give thanks to the Lord and proclaim His greatness. Let the whole world know what HE has done. Psalm 105:1 NLT

Keep in mind, finding your voice looks different for all of us. You may be brave enough to go door-to-door and talk to people. If that is you, I want to challenge you. Start off your conversation with asking how you can pray for that individual. Or maybe ask if you can share with them all of the good things God has done in your life. Come up with some creative topic starters. That way, when you ask if you can tell them about Jesus, they have built a small relationship with you and are more open to listening to what you have to tell them.

If you are like me, quiet and reserved; I want to challenge you as well. Build those relationships, but don’t forget to share God with your new friends. It is easy just to get caught up in the relationships and forget your true job on this earth.

Don’t forget to listen. The people you are talking to have stories too. Find your voice in your faith and be a disciple of Christ. Go share what God has done in your life.

But my life is worth nothing to me unless I use it for finishing the work assigned to me by the Lord Jesus- the work of telling others the Good News about the wonderful grace of God. Acts 20:24 NLT

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