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Finding Your Style

Style is something you acquire by experimenting with looks you come to find compatible with your personality and sense of self. For some having style is natural, but for others it can take a lot more time and effort to put together a chic look. Here a six steps to guide you on your journey to finding your personal style.

Do Your Research

If we’re not constantly surrounded by fashionable people, it’s hard to tell what’s coming up next. Just because you’re not in the loop doesn’t mean you can’t be a fashion forecaster. You can do some research by simply looking up the newest trends online through blogs, online magazines such as Deliberate, fashion-based Youtube channels, and runway shows for the current season. Once you’ve gained some knowledge on what’s popular in the past, present, and future you can start off by picking some looks to replicate when looking at your wardrobe.

Get Inspired

Sometimes we just don’t know what to wear, and the styles you’ve been experimenting with have become too repetitive. This is where you look to some of your favorite fashion bloggers, designers, and Instagrammers that you’ve acquired from your research. Sometimes scrolling through a fashion-forward feed can give you that extra push to try something new. It can even give you some ideas on styling that you’ve never thought of before.

Start Shopping

Now that you have an idea of what you like and how you like to style yourself, it’s time to add some new pieces to your wardrobe. Once you get the leather jacket you’ve always been wanting to wear or those pair of boots you’ve been eyeing, your style will start to become more unique and tailored to you. Know that you don’t have to wear off-the-runway pieces to look stylish, so starting off at affordable places like Topshop, Zara, Asos, and so on. All are always good places to search for those items you’ve been looking for.

Have Confidence

Having the confidence to actually wear those pieces in your wardrobe that make you stand out is not something you become comfortable with overnight. We’ve all experienced a time where we purchased an item looking to wear it on a night out, when it reality it never leaves the closet. This is the time to put on that fashion-forward dress that’s been hiding in your closet and take it out on the town. You have to be unafraid of other people’s opinions and overall wear what you like to wear. It can be uncomfortable at first but you’re sure to be surprised by how differently you carry yourself when wearing something you love, especially when you get those unexpected compliments.

Strut Your Stuff

Now that you’re confident in your style, take some pictures! It’s good to document the outfits you’ve been wearing non-stop, whether it’s a casual outing or a full on photoshoot. You’ll feel amazing when you post those flattering pics on social media or even a blog. You can even become an inspiration to those who are in the position you were in as a beginner not too long ago.

Share Your Secrets

Speaking of being an inspiration to others, share the tips and tricks you’ve acquired on your journey to finding your personal style. People will always want to know how to style something a particular way or how to be more fashionable enjoy sharing your perspective.


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