Finding More Time to Read Books

Reading is an enjoyable experience.  Through reading you can enter exciting worlds, learn new things, and expand your horizons all through the pages of a book.

Sometimes life’s busyness results in having little to no time for reading, which causes us to leave our books on the bookshelf to collect dust. You may be telling yourself “I’ll read when I have more spare time,” but time for reading never seems to surface. If you’re having trouble finding time to read, you’re not alone. During my college years, I recall being so busy that finding time to read wasn’t a simple task. However, it can be done with a little planning and motivation.

It’s time to wipe that dust away, pull out those books again, and carve out time for reading.

  • Make a schedule: This is the most effective way for finding time to read. When we block out a certain amount of time for reading, we can focus on enjoying the activity, instead of worrying about doing something else. For me to really delve into a book, I need at least an hour. Try scheduling in a few hours for reading each week.
  • Carry a book around. I think of Belle from Beauty and the Beast with her nose in her book as she strolls through her charming town. The hustle and bustle of those around her didn’t stop her from reading. She’s a true bookworm at heart. Unfortunately, unlike Belle, I don’t have the multitasking skills to walk and read at the same time since I would trip and continually run into things, but having a book in my purse reminds me that I have a book that needs to be finished. Also, if I have free time, say waiting for carryout or spending time at a café, I can reach into my purse, pull out my book, and entertain myself through reading.
  • Join Goodreads: On Goodreads you can keep a list of all the books you’ve read, the ones you’re currently reading, and the ones you want to read in the future. The website becomes a fun activity as you search for interesting books, and also, adding the books you’ve read to the list. The site also contains an optional reading challenge that is a great motivator for encouraging reading.
  • Check out books from the library: Not only does it save you money, but the due dates will motivate you to find the time to finish the book. If I’m not done with a book, and a due date is looming, I make sure to find the time to finish it. Returning an unfinished book is similar to walking out of the theater before the movie has ended.
  • Join a book club: Find a book club in town, online, or start one of your own. Being in a community of readers will help to prioritize reading into your schedule.
  • Be creative: Sometimes we’re just too busy to find time for reading but that doesn’t mean we have to stop reading. Be creative with fitting reading into your schedule. Do you exercise every day? Try reading while working out. Perhaps you take the bus to work or school and can use that time for reading. Ultimately, it is worth taking the time to brainstorm ideas on how to fit reading into your life since it adds much enjoyment and knowledge into your life.