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Fabrics to Keep You from Freezing This Winter

Now that winter has officially set in, it’s time to don the perfect cold-blocking fabrics. Layers are essential of course, but it’s good to know where to begin with the materials. Here are some examples of sensible wintertime fabrics:


While cashmere is high in price, it’s not without good reason. Cashmere is both comfortable and insulating, though it isn’t best for everyday wear. If you value comfort over price, cashmere is a good place to start.


Polyester is durable and easily resists cold weather and wetness. It’s also less likely to shrink compared to other materials, which means you get more use of it. Almost anything that is weather and wind resistant is made of polyester, and rightfully so. Use it as a strong outer layer this season.


Tweed is a processed form of wool, so it does tend to be itchy. However, compared to the warmth it provides, that’s hardly an issue. Tweed is also very fashionable since its roots go back to Edwardian England. If you want something that is high-quality but less expensive than cashmere, tweed is a good compromise.


Leather is great for year-round comfort and style. It holds in heat while also maintaining shape and durability, so you never have to worry about it losing strength in bad weather. Leather is also resistant to wind and moisture, which is always a plus.


Corduroy has really made a comeback recently, and just in time! It’s warm, flexible, and provides a lot of comfort. It is also a good alternative to cashmere, as it has a similar feel to cashmere fabric without the steep price tag.


Fleece is hardly even worth mentioning, as I’m sure you already have something made of this amazingly soft material, but why not throw it in just for emphasis? Again, this fabric isn’t the best for everyday use, but it provides unbelievably good insulation and comfort. Polar fleece works best as an outer layer, which is why it’s found in so many winter coats and scarves. It is also relatively inexpensive, so stock up on it! We won’t blame you!

Wintertime can be harsh on the body with dipping temperatures and increases of snowstorms. Make sure to take care of yourself, bundle up, and look for the proper clothing materials to keep warm. Stay cozy, friends!

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