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Extremely Useful Kitchen Tools

If you’ve ever walked through a store that specializes in kitchen items, you may have noticed the vast array of available cooking tools. In fact, it can become overwhelming as you glance around at all of our options. There are the kitchen essentials—pots, pans, dishes, and silverware, which are the basics needed for the kitchen, but there are also those cooking utensils that will make cooking much easier and perhaps even enjoyable.

Below is a list of my “go-to” kitchen tools:

  • Food Processor: Before the food processor, people were required to chop everything up by hand. While chopping by hand is manageable, it often takes up a large amount of time. Food processors are excellent for quickly chopping food items into tiny pieces.
  • Crock-Pot: Perfect for those with busy lifestyles. This device slowly cooks your meal over the course of the day. Before heading out the door in the morning, place the ingredients in the crock-Pot and enjoy a home cooked meal in the evening. Crock pots have become very sophisticated with the more expensive ones containing a variety of options such as using the crock pot liner on the stovetop for sautéing or browning meats.
  • Garlic Press: Mincing garlic is a tedious process and requires careful attention to slicing the itty-bitty pieces. You can save yourself time and energy by using a garlic press. Using one is simple—place the garlic in the press, close it, and it minces garlic with just one press.
  • Vegetable Peeler: For those who like thinly sliced carrots on their salad or are looking for an easier way to peel potatoes then the vegetable peeler is for you. Vegetable peelers make it possible to incorporate ribbon thin vegetables into our dishes without much effort involved.
  • Ladle: Ladles are essential for scooping soup or sauces out of the pot.
  • Pasta Fork: Noodles can be tricky to pick up with a dinner fork since the noodles are slippery. The pasta fork allows for easily scooping of the pasta. The holes at the bottom of the fork allows the extra water to drain.
  • Silicone Spatulas: These are great for scraping food stuck to the sides of your pans. It is much easier to scrape the sides of bowls and pans with a spatula rather than using a metal spoon. Plus, waste and time is minimized by using spatulas.
  • Whisks: Using a handheld whisk helps to break down clumps and smooth out batter. It’s also good for evenly mixing sauces on the stove top.
  • Tongs: These are good for using when tossing salads or turning meat on a grill.
  • Knife: This will be an investment, but having a high quality knife is important for easy chopping and slicing of food. Knives dull with use so invest in a sharpener as well.
  • Cutting Board: Using the kitchen counter for slicing and chopping may leave marks and chips. Therefore, it’s wise to have at least two cutting boards—one for meats and one for vegetables and fruits since using the same board may transfer harmful bacteria.
  • Lemon Juicer: Attempting to squeeze juice from lemons is frustrating. Regardless of how much I squeeze, stubborn juice remains in the lemon. Thankfully, with a juicer, it takes little effort to remove the juice from citrus.
  • Zester: This is perfect for effortlessly zesting citrus rinds.

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  • Peter Hobson

    Awesome tools, this will surely work for those native cooking.

  • Thanks Peter!