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Why You Should Do More Extracurricular Activities on Campus

On the typical college campus, many extracurricular activities await students who want to excel. Students can join a club of their choice for experience in a certain field. They can make some extra cash working a work-study position. Students can even receive a research project from their professors or help with an event held at the school. The opportunities are endless! While many on-campus activities exist for the college student to take advantage of, a good number of these opportunities go unnoticed. Resulting in students failing to capitalize on some useful opportunities. Being involved in activities on campus can be quite beneficial for the college student. It can also assist them in ordeals after they graduate as well.

Great Way to Socialize

One benefit extracurricular activities have to offer is that they are a great way to meet new people. Going to college can be a bit dull at first because you don’t anybody. In high school, everyone knew each other since about elementary school or from the neighborhood. But in higher education, students come from all over – different countries and states. Extracurricular activities help students break out of that shell they bring with them from high school. These sorts of activities present you with the group work to meet a new friend or maybe even a whole new group of friends. They also help you meet the faculty and others who spend time on campus. Extracurricular activities are there for the student’s social needs!

A Learning Experience

I currently work as a tutor in the writing center at my university, and can’t tell you how much I’ve learned from helping other students. The problems the student and I encounter during our sessions not only help the student. But teach me things I never knew as well. This way I learn while tutoring is a major part of life. We as human beings learn things from new experiences. The things I’ve learned from others’ difficulties in writing have greatly improved my skills as a writer. This probably would have never happened if I never was given the opportunity to tutor in the writing center. The experience and lessons you gain from these extracurricular activities can make you a better you as well as help you throughout your life.

Writing the Resume

After the student graduates college, there is always that daunting task of applying for jobs. While there may be many failures in this process of finding a job. Extracurricular activities reduce this chance of failure by adding to your resume. Employers like when students are involved on campus. You may even gain some valuable experience that the job requires participating in a particular activity. Last semester, the professor who runs the writing center I tutor at told me about one of the tutors who used to tutor there. The student got a paid internship in New York City with the experience he had gained at the writing center. Which leads me to think, what are students waiting for? The opportunities to a better future are right on campus. Go explore and find them!


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