Everything You Need to Know About Whole 30

It’s the new year! Some may keep on their journey of eating junk food and drinking too much, while others start their journey of eating right and being kinder to their body. Last year Whole 30 swept the nation of being the get healthy plan. But, don’t be fooled. This is not a fad diet. It’s a program that teaches you the importance of eating healthy food and creating better relationships with food. So, what does this Whole 30 plan consists of?

What is Whole 30?

  1. Clean-eating diet
  2. Promotes creating healthy relationship with food
  3. Cuts foods that promote negative impact on your health
  4. Committing to saying no to booze, sugar, carbs, and other things that wreak havoc on your health
  5. Saying yes to eating whole foods, drinking more water, and not fixating on calorie counting

List of Foods You Can Eat

  1. Meat
  2. Poultry
  3. Fish
  4. Fruits
  5. Vegetable
  6. Healthy Fats – You now have every reason to stock up on 50 avocados.
  7. Black Coffee – If you drink your coffee with any diary you can use unsweetened almond milk – but I don’t know why you would want to ruin a perfectly good cup of coffee?

List of Foods That You Can’t Eat

  1. Natural or Artifical Sugar -Yes, that means no maple syrup or honey!
  2. Booze
  3. Smoking -For those of you who are into alternative herbs – that’s a no too
  4. Beans or legumes
  5. Soy -It’s not that good for you anyway
  6. Grains -Yes, even barley and quinoa.
  7. Process additives:Carrageenan, sulfites, MSG -There’s no need to have these in your body.
  8. Dairy
  9. Fake Treats -That’s a hard no to paleo pancakes and cauliflower pizza crust.

The Benefits

Yes, the list of can’ts are a lot and scary, but here is a list of benefits you will experience after the 30 days. And, these are guaranteed if you honestly complete this program correctly.

  1. Weight loss – Whoever got upset about losing weight?
  2. Health conditions may improve – Say bye-bye to surprise headaches from standing up too quickly.
  3. Digestive problems resolved – You may visit the toilet more than once a day, but in a healthy way.
  4. Skin is clearer – No more surprise zits on your nose to ruin your weekend plans.
  5. Energy levels are through the roof – Maybe you’ll run a 5K at the gym every day of the week? Ha, who am I kidding?
  6. An entirely new list of tasty recipes – This program is not punishment. There is actually delicious food you can eat.
  7. Transformed taste buds – Your craving for junk food will be no-existant. Now, maybe Bertha from HR won’t guilt you in eating another lady piece of blueberry muffins she makes every Monday.
  8. More effective workouts – Now you can make it through your workout without looking like a you got hit by an eighteen wheeler in the middle of the night.
  9. Improved sleep – No more tossing and turning and waking up feeling like inanimate objects are out to get you.
  10. Discovered what foods make us feel like bad – Your list will be different from others. Some noticed when they added processed foods it made them feel ill while others noticed it with sugar, bread, or dairy.

Why this Long?

“Why not 27 or 43? “Thirty days is a good compromise. It takes 66 days for a habit to stick, but if we told someone to do this plan for that long, it’d be pretty intimidating,” Hartwig says. This amount of time is long enough for you to see results but not so long that you’ll be afraid to start.”

You can read more about the plan from the Greatist.

Recipe Starters

  1. Gingerbread Chia Pudding
  2. Egg in an Avocado
  3. Baked Eggs in Ham Cups
  4. Glowing Grilled Summer Detox Salad
  5. Tortilla-Less Soup
  6. Grilled Shrimp with Lemon

There’s also fantastic recipes from The Kitchn.

Have you tried Whole 30? What was your experience like? Is this your first time doing the Whole 30 program?

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