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Enhance Your Beer Drinking Experience With Untappd

Beer is proof God loves us and wants us to be happy.

This sign hangs behind the counter at the bar I frequent. Originally quoted (or later misquoted in its revisions as pointed out by many) by Benjamin Franklin, still, rings true today to all beer lovers. If you are a beer drinker, you are bound to fall somewhere on the spectrum between casual beer drinker, a beer enthusiast, and a beer aficionado. I probably land around the beer enthusiast region of this spectrum. So it comes as no surprise that most times I am out with my friends I am experimenting a new beer or drenching my taste buds with one of my favorite brews.

I was at a friend’s “man cave” having a few beers when I came across a book on the mantle, among sports collectibles, titled 1001 Beers You Must Taste Before You Die. As I leafed through the pages, I was presented with a plethora of information about beers from different countries, descriptions of their taste notes and history. The owner of that book, my friend, had scribbled notes on the pages associated with each beer which he had had the pleasure of tasting. Dates of when and where he had drunk a particular beer and notes on how it tasted and a self-rating out of five stars. It was a book turned into a beer journal of sorts. For a beer lover, it is an enjoyable past time to log and keep track of fantastic beers you have tasted. It elevates your beer drinking experience. One might perhaps view scribbling on a book as old fashioned. If you are one such individual, Untappd is a smartphone application that caters to your beer drinking experience. Untappd allows you to do everything that my friend did in his book and adds a social networking element to it.

Untappd provides many features that are attractive to a beer enthusiast. With more than five million users, Untappd has become the most sought-after application in the beer app category. Many beer drinkers are relying on Untappd to chronicle and rate beers for future reference. You can also share your reviews on beers with your friends on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and several other networking applications. Untappd gives you recommendations based on beers you have rated high and listed establishments serving beer close to you based on your location. You can upload photos and write comments of the beers as well as the places where you can get them. The information accumulated via various user inputs has enabled Untapped to create a vast database of beer knowledge.

Several other apps deliver features similar to Untappd to enhance the beer drinking experience. The following is a list of beer apps that are available on the app store.

  2. Any beer ABV
  3. Elixr
  4. Pintley
  5. Beer menus
  6. Next glass
  7. iBrewmaster
  8. Beer?!

Here are some traditional books for those who like something physical in their hands:

  1.  The Beer Bible: The Essential Beer Lover’s Guide
  2. The Beer Book

I second the thoughts of Benjamin Franklin; beer definitely makes me happy. Let us know what is your favorite beer or what books and apps you use below!



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