Encouraging Healthy Dialogue

It is easy to say words we will regret when our emotions are running high. Whether it is a fight we are in or simply standing up for what is right. But at what point is too much unhealthy dialogue, enough?  It is hard to know where that line is but I have found, that with harsh language comes a harsh attitude.

I am not one to constantly cuss or use dialogue that is disrespectful. But like everyone else, I have slipped up in some occasions and said words I have regretted. After my life seemed to be falling apart, my dialogue began to bring down my mood. I am not just talking about moments of cussing but dialogue that, mentally, was not healthy. I would constantly say how life was horrible or how much I hated what I was going through. The truth is, I hated my life at times because I was so unhappy with the outcome. However, when I was in that moment, my negative dialogue lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. I became depressed to the point where I did not want to move on.

Everyone has been in a similar boat, and if you haven’t, keep in mind that everyone will deal with pain and frustration at some point in their life. So how, in a time of distress, can we keep ourselves in a pattern of healthy dialogue?

  • When you think negative thoughts, don’t repeat them. Instead, say something positive. A positive attitude will help you get through any tough time.
  • Use praises in the Bible in place of the negative dialogue in your life.
  • Ask God to help you through that tough time and to help you have a better attitude.
  • Start your healthy dialogue on Facebook or any other social media. It is easy to spout off how we are being knocked down on social media because then we can look back and see all of the attention that we received from that negative dialogue. Attention sprouts negative dialogue.

Don’t think that having a healthy dialogue is a simple thing to switch to. It takes practice; especially if you are used to a negative dialogue. The more you practice, the easier things will get.