Embracing Your Calling/Gift

I wish I had some really cool story for you guys about how my gift came in a dazzling epiphany. No, instead it came slowly; I didn’t realize that it was much of a gift at all until my college years. I began to take note of things that escaped others’ observation and apply them to how I interacted with people. A specific example that comes to mind regards to a very popular friend of mine. Being of short stature and a pretty face, she was often subject to many adoring caresses from those around her. People were always touching her–when I abstained from doing so myself, she mentioned it, wondering if she’d done something wrong. When I brought up that she was a near constant magnet for physical affection, she blinked slowly at me, surprised that I’d picked up on what most people glossed over.

It was then that I realized what my gift was: that of observation.

Not very exciting, I know. Not as glamorous as being a piano prodigy or being able to recite one of Shakespeare’s soliloquies. Everyone has something to contribute to the lives around them, though, no matter how small. If it seems like yours hasn’t show up yet, don’t fret. You’ve probably been using it this whole time without noticing. A question I usually encourage others to ask involves what comes naturally to them. What do you find yourself doing instinctively? What is it that comes easily to you that others don’t seem to grasp? These were all clues that helped me realize what my talent was. Some people may find that they have subtler gifts, like being able to make a really awesome gel mold or the ability to sing the alphabet backwards.

One of the best things someone can do for themselves is to embrace who they are, and embracing your calling is a huge part of that. In a world that glorifies capitalism and treats talents and art like commodities for mass consumption, this can be pretty difficult. The important thing to remember is that you are valuable because you are you–in the entire history of humanity, there has been no one exactly like you. For that reason, the abilities you possess (no matter how obscure they may seem) can contribute to society in ways that no one else has before. If you believe in your potential to become the kind of person that will make history, you will be able to become a change agent regardless of which area you excel in.

Don’t worry if you haven’t discovered your unique talent yet. Some people don’t until the moment they leave us, and that’s okay. As long as you remain kind and open minded, it will come to you. And when it does, it will ripple and touch the lives around you. You are more than enough, no matter who you are.