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Embellishing Eggs

Contrary to popular belief, I was not born the egg expert I currently am today. When I was younger, I used to dread having to eat them for breakfast, because my mother, a middle aged white woman, rarely did anything to season them. She expected little me to accept my eggs as runny, flavorless pieces of rubber, and that was something I simply could not stand for. Until I could cook my eggs myself, I decided to forgo them for other breakfast options, even if it meant cardboard cereal for years to come.

Eggs are a source of protein and vitamin D as well as being a total comfort food when done right. What makes the egg superior to other breakfast foods, though, is its versatility. There isn’t much you can’t do with an egg–there’s a whole world of options available in your pantry if you just know where to look.


Tomatoes are your best friend when it comes to embellishing your eggs. Eggs and salsa is a classic that requires practically no effort, but if you’re afraid of it being too spicy, dicing up a few and throwing them in yolks adds a savory element as well. Personally, I think people who put ketchup on their eggs should be punished under the law, but it is a variant of the tomato, so whatever floats your boat is fine. Seriously, though, there are many more ways to utilize tomatoes than smothering your food in ketchup. Just saying.


Don’t count fruit out just because it’s unconventional. One of my favorite recipes involves frying blueberries in with the eggs and then warming them up before using them as a spread. Blackberries work pretty well for this too, if you’re not a fan of the sweetness of other berries. Strawberries aren’t so good warm, but as a side they’re perfect for slicing through the eggs’ mild flavor. If you want to get really technical, the tomato, which I mentioned above, is a fruit as well.


Salmon is the perfect addition to any egg dish. It’s salty and savory and reacts to heat well (as long as you don’t overcook it), not to mention it’s super healthy. Other fish work with eggs too, like most caviars, but salmon is the most accessible and affordable. Plus, it makes you seem really fancy and upper class.


In an avocado! Seriously, I think avocados evolved to be served with eggs because the place where the pit is removed is big enough for just one yolk. Add some cheese and herbs and bake it in the oven for about ten minutes (no hotter than three hundred degrees) and you’ve got a healthy, portable breakfast!


It’s definitely an acquired taste, but the strong saltiness of asparagus is a great counter part to the gentle tingle of scrambled eggs. Sautéing it is the most common method (not too much, though–you’ve got to keep those vitamins in there) and adding a little salt and butter is really all you need.

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