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Eating Healthy During the Holidays

Trying to stay healthy during the holidays is hard. Just hearing the words “Thanksgiving” or “Christmas” instantly makes us groan and clutch our stomachs. It’s impossible to not want to overindulge on all the delicious food, no matter how hard we try. But is there really a way to eat healthy during the holidays? One of the most basic ways to eat healthier during the holidays is to make everything from scratch. Potatoes. Gravy. Stuffing. Desserts. This way you control the amount of fat and sodium going in. Not to mention, homemade is always better!

What are some other ways to eat healthy during the holidays? According to the California Pacific Medical Center, here are some tips for eating healthy during the holidays:

  • Don’t try to lose pounds during the holidays – this never works
  • Plan time for exercise – a 10 or 15 minute walk twice a day should do the trick!
  • Don’t skip meals – eating a light snack such as a piece of fruit or a few raw vegetables will help curb your appetite and keep you from overindulging (drinking a full glass of water will also do the trick)
  • Survey the selections BEFORE filling your plate – choose your favorites and skip the ones you don’t like while also including fruit and vegetables
  • Eat until you are satisfied, not stuffed – when you start to feel full, stop eating
  • Be careful with your drinks – drinking alcohol can cause you to actually eat MORE and other drinks can contain calories and sugar such as soda or some teas
  • If you do happen to overeat at one meal, go light at the next one and don’t be afraid to say that you aren’t actually hungry! It happens!
  • Bring your own healthy dish to the holiday gathering – you may actually surprise a few people with a dish so delicious and healthy that they’ll be begging for your recipes
  • Practice healthy holiday cooking – a little change can go a long way!

Check out these other sites for tips on eating healthy during the holidays!

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How do you stay healthy during the holidays? What are some of your favorite healthy holiday meals?

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