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Easy Ways to Beautify Your Work Space

Whether you have a cubicle at your company or a personal desk at home, there are many simple ways to beautify your space. Organization is good for getting those mental juices flowing, as messiness tends to cause unwanted stress. Since we want you to be productive and grow, here are some ideas to organize and primp your work space:

Line Shelves with Contact Paper 

If you have a nearby bookshelf, lining it with contact paper adds a lovely pop of color to the wood. It will brighten the room and, perhaps, your mood when you sit down to work.

Attach A Small Hook Under Your Desk

If you have a desktop plus chargers plus, phone cords, you may have a tangled mess of wires under your desk. Instead of dealing with the chaos, attach a hook under your desk to hold all the wires into place. It makes everything less cluttered and enforces safety considering all those wires are very easy to tug or trip on.

Use Tin Cans As Organizers 

We all have an excessive amount of pens, pencils, highlighters, and other utensils on our desk. Oftentimes they hinder more than help, one way to organize them is to put them into cans. Again, a nice touch of contact paper will add a pop of color, or you can tie twine around them for a more rustic look.

Buy A Succulent

Plants add a nice earthy tone to one’s desk, and succulents are very easy to take care of with little mess involved. They also add a chic, bohemian flair that is very in style right now.

Add An Unique Desk Lamp

Light up your work space by purchasing a fun little desktop light fixture- whatever your taste may be! This is more appropriate for a personal desk than a company cubicle, but look around! There are many cool desktop lamps out there. Furthermore, a change in lighting can cause an upsurge in productivity. Certain lighting can be very grating on the mind when you’re trying to focus, so having a personalized light beside you might be just what you need!

Place Colorful Clocks on the Wall

With work deadlines and papers to write, the clock can be our worst enemy. However, it’s also a good way to add another splash of color to your space. You’ll find that you won’t hate looking at it as much as your everyday digital clock!

Buy Fun Bookends

Maybe you don’t have that many books in your office, and that’s okay! Bookends come in a variety of creative designs and they are a much more appealing way to place your books on your desk rather than just stacking them.

Ultimately, the way our space looks really can damage or assist us in our quest to be productive. Organizing and helping your desk to look nicer can help you feel less stressed and more eager to get a jump on those assignments. So go get started! We believe in you.

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