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How to Dress Up Ramen Noodles

Wicked Noodle

Most college folks understand the necessity of ramen noodles. The cheap packets of slurpy goodness with hot broth make a meal instantly. However, I’m pretty sure that everyone has gotten tired of eating ramen at one point or another. After watching a few cooking shows, looking for recipes, and trying them out here’s the best ideas I’ve come up with to dress up ramen noodles.

Crack Those Eggs

Who doesn’t love eggs? Ramen noodles and eggs go great together. You can choose to add them to the broth before you add the noodles. Crack an egg into the broth and stir as the broth cooks until the egg turns wispy and will look like Egg Drop Soup. You can hard boil an egg and add it to the soup at the end.  You can also add scrambled eggs into your broth, and don’t forget the bacon crumbles!

Veggie It Up

Why not try putting in carrots, broccoli or peas when you’re cooking your noodles over the stove. Ramen noodles can be made at least a little healthier. Choose what you love most. Spinach, softened Kale leaves, even spicy collard greens. Ramen can be done however you like, so experiment with it.

Replace the Packet

The main source of sodium comes from the flavor packet. Why not try using a spoonful of Miso in place of it. You can also use beef, chicken, and vegetable stock rather than the flavor packet. Soy Sauce can then be used to give it a tasty flavor. Just don’t use too much!


Cut up or shred chicken, beef, or turkey and add it to your bowl of ramen. This way you can make your bowl of ramen a powerhouse to keep you going during exam time.

Ramen is unique in that it is a very basic meal. Dressing up ramen is very easy and can add an entirely new spin on how you eat during the college years.

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